It requires extraordinary skill to discover top IT candidates with a lengthy period of experiences. A trustworthy headhunter IT Singapore will be able to perform the task provided that your company finding the right provider.

The best headhunter IT firm won’t only just recommend the candidate with the best skill but also match it with the client’s corporate culture. Typically, the candidate will be expected to fill crucial posts, such as managerial or even directorial, ones. The candidate will be tasked for making critical business decisions or completing big projects.

Definition of Headhunter

Some of us may use “headhunter” and “outsourcing” interchangeably. However, the two carry different tasks. Headhunters refers to reliable recruiting specialists who work independently. Commonly, they search for premium candidates for high positions. The candidates typically have specialized skills and are considered experts in their respective fields.

The executive roles of such candidates are oftentimes too sensitive that the vacancies aren’t openly made. As such, headhunters have to be able to identify and persuade the strongest candidates to shift companies.

The tasks don’t belong to the core duties of outsourcing staff. They usually look for best candidates for various roles across career levels. Most of the vacancies are made for public announcement.

The headhunter IT Singapore works in the same way. PT TOG Indonesia (TOGI) has a branch in Singapore that will handle potential client’s requests on advanced IT professionals.

Criterions and workflows of a headhunter

Headhunters upholds certain workflow to allow them finding the best candidate in a tight deadline. They have to follow quick workflow that allows them checking resume in just a few seconds. This helps determining which candidates who are eligible or less so for working in the positions as requested. Another criteria is that headhunters must be able to persuade candidates through positive stories thereby they wish to move into the client’s company. Below are the workflows in details:

1. Analysing the role

Headhunters have to fully comprehend the client’s needs so that they will fulfil candidates’ expectations. As such, headhunters, including headhunter IT Singapore, must understand roles and details of contract, the client company, the culture and even the confidential information. Only then will headhunters be able to track and persuade the best candidate for the position.

2. Obtaining the potential candidate

Headhunters are those who know fully well how to utilize comprehensive information to search premium candidates. That means they will dig referrals, look for the same or typical roles in other companies, social media, and weave networking in related industry events. Those are the activities that will enable them to obtain potential candidates for top positions.

3. Narrowing the candidate list

Headhunters will narrow the list of the potential candidate. The list will contain a small handful of the potential candidates that will largely fulfil the client’s expectations.

4. Contacting the candidates

Headhunters will contact the fewer number of the candidates for making appointments. They will make use the moments to explain the positive points of the job positions currently offered to the most potential candidates.

5. Making a short list

After conducting the interviews and checking their backgrounds, headhunters will sum them up into a short list containing the most potential candidates then submit it to the client. When necessary, they will schedule interviews with the client and assist the orientation processing.

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Benefits of partnering with TOG Indonesia

Selecting headhunter IT Singapore, such as TOG Indonesia, will help your company in various ways. Given the roles and the workflows, TOG Indonesia will provide the most qualified candidates in hard and soft skills.

1. Saving time and operational expense

Looking for IT candidates for executive roles independently make require a lot of time and money. This excludes abandoned certain tasks or projects, making your company may experience some financial losses. Trusting the task to TOGI will solve the potential problems as we will conduct effective methods to obtain the best IT candidate. Thus, your company will cut unnecessary time and energy as the IT candidate will promptly join and resume the tasks or the projects.

2. Submitting professional employees with top track records

We will only send lists of professional employees with qualified and trustworthy track records. This is the results of our intensive selections across many sectors of the IT candidates, both hard and soft skills. In addition, we also track their personalities to check their compatibilities with the client’s corporate culture.

3. Facilitating project resuming shortly

With the availability of prime IT candidates immediately, your company will be able to resume projects or important tasks once they join. Given their top skills, the projects or the tasks will be well handled.

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