A software house company is an all-in-one service provider for all technological purposes, especially for application development. The rapid progress of technology has caused a lot of companies adjusting their IT sides for surviving or even staying ahead of their respective competitors.

Some firms are able to transform their IT sides but not all can do so on their own. A software house company exists to assist those that can’t work independently that generally aims at propelling their clients’ business growths with the helps of IT innovation.

Definition of a software house company

A software house company is a firm that engages in software or application developments. It helps its clients making software for specific purposes that typically will drive their business growths. This strategy is inevitable in today’s era that is growing so fast with the IT innovation across all business sectors.

The clients are able to make use of the software or the application for reaching a wider potential consumer. The software or the application also facilitates easier and quicker transactions, more user-friendly websites, and others.

Work structure of a software house company

Each software house company executes its own work structure but we can say the following represents typical work structure of this firm type.

1. Project Manager

A project manager controls all projects and has a full responsibility over them. This role ensures all of the projects run well and yield results as expected.

2. Programmer

A professional programmer is the “mind” behind every software project. He or she will create coding and develop program as set out by an analyst. A programmer has to understand programming languages well and own good communication skill. The two will greatly help him/her performing as expected.

3. Analyst

Before a programmer stars doing his/her tasks, an analyst will firstly map all necessities of a certain project. To do so, an analyst will intensively discuss with a client about the project.

4. Tester

As the name suggests, a tester holds a series of tests over a completed software or application. This step aims at reviewing and checking all of the software or application elements. A tester should be able to detect possible bug, crash, or error during this stage.

5. Product owner

A product owner should have an excellent communication skill. He or she will have to bridge communication activities between a client and a programmer. Among discussed topics will cover how a product owner will be able to convince a client on the product in development.

Services from a software house company

Despite the word “software” attached to this company title, a software house company provides other various services as detailed below.

1. Software for desktop

There are multiple types of software depending on the platform. One of them is software for desktop that accommodate various commercial purposes by clients.

2. Web-based software and its design

A software house company also offers software making for website along with the design. This service particularly addresses users of website visitors who don’t wish to download too many software in their respective devices. At the same time, the users will find it easier to access the websites anytime and anywhere. In addition to the software’s internal side, the company will offer services on graphic designing, server, specification, and others.

3. Multimedia

As a derivative from IT innovation, digital marketing is currently on a high demand. A software house company may provide this service, too, that emphasizes on content creation in various formats. The complete multimedia service package consists of video making, article creation, internal digitalization inside the application, and many more.

4. Graphic designing

An eye-catching design will grab people’ attentions at once. A graphic designer is tasked to create graphic designs that are aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly, and informative for users. Graphic designers will be responsible for making designs in form of logo, brochure, social media visual, and website external appearance.

5. Mobile software

This service shares similar basic tasks with the desktop and web-based ones. What differs it from the other two is that mobile software making emphasizes on mobile devices that use Android and iOS operating systems. This type of service is recently popular thanks to the rising number of mobile gadget users, especially smartphone.

6. Digital marketing

This service closely relates to the third one. With multimedia content, a client will still need to implement omnichannel digital marketing strategy. A software house company provide this service for ensuring a client’s business is popularly spread across multiple virtual channels. For example, the business promotion will be optimized via Internet using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactic, social media, email marketing, and many more. 

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