All business lines at various scales are driven to accelerate their digital transformations to keep them ahead amidst rapid competitions. Utilizing services from a software house Singapore serves as one of the solutions to quicken the processes.

Singapore, as one of the most advanced economies in the world, must have been seeing more growing digital transformations as compared to other countries. As the centre of finance and business, Singapore is home to many top corporations thus require 360 IT solutions should it wish to stay on the top.

Definition of 360 IT solution

360 IT solution means providing complete IT solutions that address various problems depending on client’s business needs. As one of the fastest developing subjects, IT is being divided into many sub-fields. This correlates with the various services that will solve the clients’ problems.

A lot of software services may be required by one client at the same time. For example, the client may seek services related to website software, application, and the maintenance. The website software can be specifically broken into building from the scratch or developing the already existing one.

There are various client types as categorized from the business type and the scale. A software house Singapore will offer services depending on the client’s business needs and budgets. A 360 IT solution will solve IT problems, either individuals or corporations. A client needs to study the portfolio and competency of each software house Singapore before deciding which to work with.

Services from software house Singapore

Two major services are offered by a software house Singapore; making and developing a software. From the big services, below are the sub-services:

1. Desktop-based software making

As the name suggests, this service particularly addresses software for desktop. This results in different technical performance as compared to other devices, such as for mobile. The desktop-based software assists companies that wish to focus their business transactions on desktops. This serves as an alternative to those on mobile gadgets.

2. Web-based software making along with the design

A web-based software will accommodate would-be consumers who don’t wish to install too many software in their gadgets. In addition to the core service, a software house Singapore will equip it with website design, server, specification, and others.

3. Multimedia

Multimedia encompasses contents in forms of text, picture, and video. Appealing multimedia will be able to create viral effect that will hugely benefit product promotion efforts if required by a client.

4. Design graphic

An aesthetic appealing website will become an effective “gateway” to draw visitors. This holds true for application designs. A graphic designer is tasked at creating concepts on website or application displays, colour, brand identity, until type of font. This service is currently in a high demand that has driven a software house Singapore offering one, as well. The other function of graphic design is for making logo, brochure and other marketing tools.

5. Mobile-based software making

What differs this service with the second on this list is the goals. The increasing number of smartphone users have caused many business entities to provide business transactions via smartphones. A software house Singapore will provide a software that enables transactions using iOS and Android operating systems. The two systems dominate today’s smartphones’ platforms. The strategy hopes to make it easier for users to access contents and conduct transactions.

6. Digital marketing

A software house Singapore also offers digital marketing services or as a digital agency. This is among the latest service that stems from growing IT developments. More and more business entities prefer to promote or do branding via social media and other Internet channels. Digital marketing hopes to offer a sustainable service for would-be clients that hope to obtain full services, especially for marketing and promotion.

The digital marketing service includes content creation for social media, website and advertising for every client’s business. The client will receive reports on the analytics for their own reviews.

Structure of a software house Singapore

To run smoothly, a software house Singapore typically applies the following structuring: 

1. Programmer

Programmer plays a very vital role in software development. Their reliable expertise will significantly determine the software performance. In reverse, if their skill is below the bar, the software will underperform. A programmer starts working on a software once receiving orders from a system analyst. There are various programme roles, such as frontend, backend, full stack developer, and cloud engineer. They create or develop applications depending on clients’ needs.

2. Project manager

A project manager handles a certain project that requires him/her to record the project progress at the hands of a programmer, system analyst, product analyst, and tester.

3. System analyst

A system analyst analyses application requirements from many factors, from technical one to the client’s need. The analysis result will serve as the basis for programmers in making the application. Another task is providing the best solutions to facilitate users or clients using an application for more optimal work results.

4. Product owner

A product owner bridges communication between a client and a programmer. The communication doesn’t happen when a problem occurs. A product owner must also facilitate the communication on a daily basis when discussing about application progress and other client’s  needs. A product owner has to seek solutions when problems occur. He/she also has to decide the deadline of a problem and ensure its fulfilment.

5. Tester

A tester must test an application before it is released to the public. He/she has to ensure no bug, crash, error, and forced close emerge before the application enters trial phase. Typically, a tester works based on a guideline or a standard operating system set by his/her office.

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