“The right people in the right time and the right position would be the key to our company’s improvement;we developed our company through our corporate culture and values.” TOG Indonesia aims to deliver solutions required by companies to compete in today’s digital economy; where as now it is highly necessary to review and revise a company’s business processes. In countering global challenges, Triple One is at hand to assist you through these changes.
As a group of companies, TOG Indonesia has been supporting and providing its customers with world-class leading edge solutions. Deliver solutions and services that help customers accelerate their business growth. We believe that this will create significant new value, to our customers and Triple One as well. Today, Triple One Group ranging from medium to large companies, local and multi-national companies, both in Indonesia and overseas market.
The system is backed by professional support and services. The system also continuously being improved to meet the requirements of its industries and also improve the efficiency and effectiveness of company’s operational needs.



The development of Triple One Global Indonesia into IT Personal Service and IT Development is the most logical step in our evolution supported by the rapid development of Technology. From our leadership in banking, the financial services sector, and information technology, we have stepped forward and serve other market segments in their efforts to streamline their business. With our exposure by using industry best practices, we are well positioned to offer innovative solutions.


Jln. Mandala Raya No 35 , Jakarta Barat
Phone: 021-21192578,  WhatsApp: 08151622988
Email: [email protected]


Gedung ILP Jl. Juadi No. 5, Kotabaru
Kotabaru, Yogyakarta, 55224

Phone: ( 0274 ) 513839, WhatsApp: 0852 9088 0808
Email: [email protected]


Monday – Friday : 08:30 – 17:30

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