Information and Technology (IT) is integral part of business strategies regardless of the types and the scales. IT solution services don’t only serve for big corporations but also medium and small-sized ones because they will allow them to grow better and bigger at shorter time.

IT solution services refer to providing a series of products that relate to IT, such as software, application, program, and technical support, all of them will assist business processing of a company.

Companies engaging in IT solutions will typically offer a bundle of solutions to solve one or more problems that may threat a company. Using IT solution services will allow for wider IT strategies. For example, if your company uses antivirus solution, the company’s security infrastructure will be developed into a comprehensive one to prevent, detect, or remove malware and others.

B2B IT solution services

Below are types of services from business to business that are applicable for small and micro businesses:

1. IT security

The rapid growth of IT industry poses another threat: the rising of security attacks that may cost billions of Rupiah and taint company’s reputation. Ensuring solid IT security is now a popular service because it will guarantee safe business and company operation in many years to come. In the service type, an IT solution company will offer data protection, data security, and data maintenance.

2. IT support

Digitalization holds the key of technological environment that keeps developing. Every single day sees new innovation that serves as the need and important resources for business players. As such, IT supports from B2B IT solution service providers are required for determining the ones for achieving business goals.

3. IT consultancy

For short and long-term, hiring IT consultancy services will benefit your company. The types of the services include technical services for scale projects or annual strategy composition for future business projects. The advises will significantly help adjusting your current business plan with technological innovation. Moreover, you can ask for recommendations on business types that will grow bright sooner as inspired by recent or upcoming technological innovation.

4. Cloud computing

Cloud computing facilitates your company accessing data faster and safer anytime anywhere. This technology is especially very popular during the COVID-19 lockdown in many countries, forcing a lot of companies applying work from home schemes. Cloud computing allows team members to collaborate, check, comment their works in real-time. This is possible regardless their current locations.

5. IT platform migration

As your business grows, you may perceive your current IT platform can’t fulfil your business needs any longer. When this occurs, you need to migrate to the new IT platform that’s more compatible to your business. But this doesn’t always prove an easy one. A B2B IT service company will assist handling all processes relating to IT platform migration quickly and efficiently.

Consumers of IT solution service providers

As suggested above, all business scales and types require IT solutions. In addition to technical competencies, an IT solution service provider will help pushing your business growth and catch new business opportunities using a more advanced and efficient IT strategy.

For example, if your company is a small one engaging in handicraft products, you may require applications that will allow business transactions. The new application will help would-be consumers purchasing, paying, and checking their orders. At the same time, the application requires data protection and maintenance so that no errors, bugs, and slowdown happen.

An existing, big corporation may need other services. Despite the steady business operation, competition is always stiff. To stay ahead, your corporation needs valuable advice that combines business trend and IT innovation. To gain this, an IT solution service provider requires thorough and complete research across the two fields before proposing ones for the corporation.

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