Obtaining IT top executives require thorough and careful selections unlike ordinary outsourcing processes. A head hunter Indonesia service provider will be capable of meeting the expectations from clients thanks to its wide experiences in the field.

IT staffs that are filtered through head hunter service are those that will fill high positions or resume big IT projects. A lot of companies prefer to not explicitly announce the vacancies because that closely relate to confidentiality of their jobs for the respective firms.

Definition of head hunter Indonesia

Head hunter Indonesia is a company, agency or individual that engages in employee recruitment field in Indonesia. This firm specializes in employee recruitment for certain positions, usually high-ranking ones that will take critical decisions. This leads to another name of head hunter as executive recruiter.

PT Triple One Global Indonesia (PT TOGI) is among the leading head hunter in Indonesia in the IT sector. We optimize our networking to filter top IT executive candidates and occasionally dive deeper via social media platforms. We review then recommend the candidates thoroughly as viewed from various aspects, technical and non-technical sides. We will only provide the list of the candidates that will mostly fulfil the expectations from our clients.

Benefits of Using Head Hunter

1. A professional team with dedicated members

Selecting a certain head hunter means partnering with a professional squad of competent and dedicated members in certain sectors. Henceforth, if your company is currently seeking for top IT developers, select one head hunter that has been working on this sector for quite some time with convincing list of past clients. Not only will the firm have a complete list of the IT candidates in seeking, but also it has good negotiation skills and has keen eyes for non-technical competencies. As such, you won’t require the time to negotiate for salaries or other facilities. The head hunter will also recommend the candidates that will mostly suit with your company culture.

2. Gaining the best talents or candidates

Reinforcing the first benefit, a head hunter Indonesia will suggest only a shortlist of the best candidates for you. A head hunter company like TOGI, for example, has some circles especially work on the IT sector thus we will gain a list of exceptional IT candidates from our own circles. This helps significantly getting the list even from the start thus we will recommend the best ones only for boosting your productivity or completing certain projects.

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3. Facilitating the recruitment processing

Recruiting high-ranking IT candidates require more complex skills than simply announcing the vacancies then interviewing the candidates one by one. If your internal Human Resource Department (HRD) isn’t in the IT sector, finding one that’s the best may cost a lot of time, energy, and budget.

Hiring a head hunter Indonesia will save internal HRD a lot of headaches. Simply provide qualifications, offered salaries, and facilities to the head hunter. As a head hunter Indonesia, TOGI, for example, will start filtering, reviewing, and studying the qualifications and soft skills of the candidates. We will only recommend the most suitable ones so that your HRD won’t have to spend many time and budget reading CVs one by one.

Therefore, the recruitment processing will run smoother and faster. You will accept the lists and interview the candidates in the lists. When necessary, we will assist in the onboarding processing.

4. Maintaining your company confidentiality

A trusted head hunter Indonesia will keep your confidentiality like a treasure. TOGI knows for sure that the top IT executives will deal with secretive information as hinted by limited vacancy spreading.

We will asses the candidates for their soft skills, including their capabilities for working according to their would-be clients’ work of ethics. A 360 degree of candidate assessment is bound to comply the corporate regulations.

Should you currently seek for IT executives, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our staff will response to your inquiries at once.

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