An IT solution company is becoming popular in line with digital economy that penetrates all business lines at all scales. Discovering the type of service that fits your firm necessitates improved profit and solid IT performance.

The world “solution” in IT solution company refers to a lot of IT-related problems. It even combines IT and business should your company wish to bring together the two for attaining certain business goals or tapping into new business opportunities.

Definition of IT solution company

An information technology (IT) solution refers to a single package of related software programs and/or services. IT vendors, service providers, and value-added resellers (VARs) use the word “solution” to encourage the buyers using the complete product will solve their problems or handle difficult cases.

For example, when selling antivirus software, it’s called antivirus software solution because it deals with a specific problem, the virus. But in the IT solution bundle, an IT solution company will usually offer other products, as well, such as spam filter or backup service.

Nowadays, IT solutions offer technological developments to help business entities reaching their goals. The developments include data processing, information distribution, communication, and others. Not only big corporations that make use of the solutions. Small companies, such as Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) now partner with the company to accelerate their digitization. Despite the small size, they formulate business plans that integrate technology, commerce, and marketing, just to name a few.

Types of services

1. Software making

The service includes software designing according to consumer’s need, developing, and implementing as well as maintaining the software.

2. Website designing

An IT solution company provides website designing services that will serve as the window of the overall image and business of a client. A UI/UX designer is responsible for making a website design that’s eye-catching, user-friendly, and of course, positive for the company’s image. If the “window” works attractive and friendly enough, chances are the website’s visitors will explore more. They later become potential buyers.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is often included in digital marketing strategy. It refers to a series of technique to put articles or online contents at the top page in Google depending on the keywords. The higher the SEO ranks, the bigger chances a website draws many visitors.

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4. Technology consultancy

Future-minded businessmen will view IT rapid development as means to put their business ahead of their competitors. They will seek business opportunities faster by observing what the development will enhance their current businesses. A technology consultant is tasked for giving suggestions and insights on combination between technology implementation and business landscape for generating better business services and profit in the future.

5. Cloud computing

Cloud computing is popular nowadays through its widespread use across users, individuals or corporations. This solution type covers various cloud computing technologies that utilize Internet to send data to the cloud. Cloud computing is often included as part of the solutions in long-distance workload or heavy data hosting workload. It is also selected to facilitate more flexible business processing.

6. Infrastructure and network

Infrastructure and network are two major cantilevers in a company’s operation. The performances of the two will impact working performances of the workers and company productivity. As such, a company needs to implement infrastructure and network solutions that will not only improve the performance but also secure the business from cyber threats.

7. Cyber security

An IT solution company offers cyber security that will uniquely protect a company from external or internal threats. The solution aims at ensuring your firm free from cyber criminal threats. In addition, your privacy security is well-kept, reducing any risks of personal data theft.

8. Communication and collaboration

Communication is one of the most important components in a company operation. IT solutions offer technologies that will make it easier for communicating and collaborating between companies. The solutions generally include phone system, VoIP phone system, email, chatbot, video conference, and others.

9. Managed IT services

In this service, the provider will ensure you will own technology that necessitates company productivity and reduce expenses for internal IT employees.

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10. Technical supports

Various IT problems may occur in a company. To help solving the problems, you’ll need a special team or rent the team through an IT solution company. The technical supports are oftentimes needed to solve problems. The problems should be handled at the initial stages before they grow into bigger ones thus disrupt business operations.

Working with an IT solution company will bring benefits, such as facilitating company business operation and reinforcing internal IT performance. Before picking one name, read previous work experiences, list of clients, and sample of work from the IT solution candidates.

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