Slowing IT adoption has caused a lot of companies lagging behind competitors in their respective sectors. A top IT outsourcing Indonesia helps addressing the problem in quicker way with massive database on professional IT candidates.

Qualified IT candidates across fields will accelerate IT adoption as well as support business goals. Applying this strategy will save more time and energy as compared to invest in the internal IT team from the scratch. The latter option is recommended should you wish to create a reliable IT team in the future. But as business needs typically require immediate solutions, working with a company engaging in IT outsourcing Indonesia is the solution.

Services from top IT outsourcing Indonesia

A company engaging in IT outsourcing Indonesia, like PT Triple One Global Indonesia (PT TOGI), offers massive database on IT candidates across skills. PT TOGI has more than 100,000 professional IT candidates with levels of experiences and technical skills.

The IT candidates fulfil roles as frontend developers, back-end developers, IT security officers, UI/UX designers, project managers, and many more. As each of the roles suggest, they will perform tasks based on their competencies. Some are project-based, others for long-term goals depending on the future clients’ needs.

Our database has more than 100,000 IT candidates that for sure, will provide you with more options. The number also provides chances for future clients, including your company, to select the best ones through various factors, including soft skills.

We don’t recommend IT candidates from hard and soft skills. The candidates are reviewed based on their work ethics so as they will comply with the corporate culture of the future clients.

Onboarding processes may take time thus this is included in our service when necessary. We arrange interviewing sessions between would-be users and IT candidates. Salary negotiation is among the services provided for would-be users.

Reasons of using IT outsourcing Indonesia

1. Lack of IT experts

This often occurs in companies whose core businesses are not IT. As such, all IT roles will possibly be required to assist digital transformation of the companies. At the heart of it all is tasks related to IT infrastructure, IT security, and IT analysis.

2. Skill gap

Skill gap marks differences between current skill by an employee and what’s needed by the company. This lack of skill poses threats to the company’s productivity as a whole. Delayed projects mark that slowing productivity pace. When left unhandled, this will reduce the company’s revenue then profit.

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Partnering with an IT outsourcing company gives an immediate solution. The firm will provide IT talents that will work well immediately thus will resume the project. The company’s reputation will be kept professional.

3. Keeping up with growing software innovation

IT is among the fastest growing field. Those who wish to lead the competition has to hire top IT employees with future-looking eyes. They will provide supportive insights that will help the company’s business significantly because their recommendation takes into account software development from time to time. This role typically requires an IT talent with extensive experiences that will lead him/her having prophetic, best analysis.

TOGI’s prime clients

Today’s digital era has spurred a lot of companies, from small to big scales, accelerating their paces to keep up with the latest technological innovations. Partnering with companies engaging in IT outsourcing Indonesia field is not something new. Giant corporations, including Alibaba, Google, and Whatsapp, rely on the services by IT outsourcing firms.

For TOGI, our clients are grouped into two as explained below:

1. IT-based company

With the suitable IT candidates, this firm type will have more focus on the core business. We will handle all recruitment processing so as we can recommend the best IT candidates.

2. Non IT-based or general company

For this company, the services can take in various forms. From technical IT employees to business analysis, the business needs can be various. Among the company sector is commercial one that requires application or website platform for facilitating friendlier and easier business transactions. Another field is manufacturing that requires IT candidates from handling IT infrastructure to managing the database. This greatly helps for productivity growth and performance efficiency.

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