Combining commercial and IT is the key to tap into vast opportunities in today’s digital era. An IT solution Indonesia provides services for local firms and foreign ones that still find it hard to accelerate their internal IT growths.

Embedding IT solutions will drive business growths faster, putting them ahead of the competitors. The IT solutions don’t only apply to big corporations but also medium and small ones who wish to embrace as many potential consumers as possible. At the same time, they wish to bring their loyal customers even closer.

Definition of IT solution Indonesia

An IT solution Indonesia refers to a company in Indonesia that provides a single package of related software programs and/or services. The word “solution” is used to address a set of comprehensive answers that will solve a client’s problem once and for all. An IT solution company can be in form of IT vendor, service provider, and value-added reseller (VAR).

Although having a legal entity in Indonesia, this firm welcomes inquiries from overseas clients. PT Triple One Global Indonesia (TOGI) is such an example of an IT solution firm in Indonesia that offers IT solutions for corporations abroad.

Given the rapidly growing IT developments, nowadays, an IT solution provider has broader scope of services. Not only it engages in technical aspects, such as IT infrastructure, it also touches upon IT consultancy and digital marketing. Narrowing the services into the market in Indonesia, foreign companies may partner with an IT solution provider for accelerating their penetrations into the country’s business landscape.

Kinds of services

1. Software creation

From designing to maintaining, an IT solution Indonesia gives the complete services depending on the client’s business needs. Not to forget, it will monitor every single software implementation that will support the client’s business activities.

2. Website designing

An eye-catching website design is the window for the overall website experience. As such, an IT solution Indonesia hires an UI/UX designer who will take full responsibility for making a website design that is friendly for users, informative, and supportive for making good impressions. With aesthetically pleasing design, chances are the number of website visitors will rise and so will the number of potential buyers.

3. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is crucial to putting website at the first rank of Google search engine. To do so, an SEO analyst will apply certain techniques via top contents depending on the keywords. Should your company website sit at the first rank, the bigger chance your company attracts more potential customers.

4. IT consultancy

IT consultant or IT analyst is part of an IT solution Indonesia and they are on high demands. Regardless the scope and the business line, digital economy opens mushrooming new business opportunities or extending existing ones. IT consultancy will provide beneficial insights that are based on the latest IT innovation. The service will then combine it with commercial goals so that the two will generate more profits, create new business chances or stay ahead among competitors.

5. Cloud computing

The rise of big data has led to the widespread use of cloud computing. Both individuals and corporations use cloud computing to allow them saving their data safely and almost limitless. An IT solution Indonesia chooses this as part of the overall service in the wake of growing work-from-home scheme. It facilitates good working team or collaboration despite the distance. It also helps heavy data hosting workload and a more flexible business processing.

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6. Infrastructure and network

At the core and probably the most conventional service of all is IT infrastructure and network. Without the secured and solid infrastructure and network, a company won’t be able to implement business ideas that relate to IT. The two are getting critical today with the unprecedented number of hacking, virus malware, and other technological attacks that will steal company’s confidential data.

7. Cyber security

Closely related to the above point, cyber security is like wall that protects that an overall building. It’s worthy to mention here that cyber criminals are getting smarter to steal or penetrate into a company’s database. This is one of the most top services provided by an IT solution company. With continuously cyber security upgrading, cyber security service exists to ensure a client’s privacy security is safe for 24 hours, preventing any rooms of data theft.

8. Communication and collaboration

In B2B business scheme, communication and collaboration isn’t limited to casual chatting. This service facilitates the teamwork through integrated solution via phone system, VoIP phone system, email, chatbot, video conference, and others. They allow for database exchange, joint work viewing, and direct commentaries.

9. Managed IT services

An IT solution Indonesia will guarantee your company utilize the most appropriate technology so as it will lower expenses for internal IT staff and add company productivity.

10. Technical supports

In day-to-day business operations, it’s commonplace that technical errors happen. The small IT problems will lead to bigger ones should they are not handled at once. IT technical supports are needed to tackle the errors once emerging.

Benefits of working with an IT solution Indonesia

1. Saving and protecting important information

Protecting confidential data of a company requires complex solution. When working with an IT solution Indonesia, company data are automatically saved. The ERP system ensures the data are safely guarded with strict limits are given to people with authorities.

2. Helping recruitment processing

In a big company, recruiting new employees may produce a new problem. It’s possible the company hires same candidates who previously fail in their first chances. With the certain software system developed for this company, the error can be minimized. The internal HR division will only interview those with competencies that meet its expectations.

Tips to select the best IT solution provider

The first suggestion is asking for would-be IT solution providers about their infrastructure system and other related facilities. Also included here are their human resources that handle several areas within the IT industry. Ask for the competencies of the human resources, from developers to IT business analysts.

When necessary, ask for their clients’ experiences. Their comments will greatly help providing you objective assessments on each of the would-be IT solution providers. Review each of their business portfolios and definitely, their proposed budgets. Ensure their proposed ones meet with your own expense by considering type of services that will be chosen. 

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