In any kind of fields, IT is rapidly growing as the most use sectors. Unfortunately, not all companies have sufficient and competent human resources. As such, using services from an HR company in Singapore will solve the problem.

The HR company in Singapore, such as PT Triple One Global Indonesia (TOGI), will address the problem for firms running businesses in the country. However, the service will not limit to the area alone. If your company is outside Singapore, the HR company will provide as top services as for that inside the country.

Why you should use services from HR company in Singapore

1. To gain trustworthy and competent IT candidates

Sometimes, an HR division may not have enough time and skill to net the best candidates for IT-related positions. This usually occurs in an HR division of a non-IT companies. Furthermore, selecting the candidates with biggest cultural compatibility with the company’s culture isn’t always an easy task.

The jobs should fit well with an HR company in Singapore, like TOGI. Given the firm’s long experiences, the company has massive database exceeding 100,000 candidates. The skills are various, from front end developer, back-end developer, IT security, UI/UX designer, mobile app developer, to project manager.

The HR company will definitely help matching the candidates’ personalities and past job experiences with those of your company. The non-technical skills are as important as those of the technical ones. As such, your company shouldn’t worry over possible gap or lengthy period of adjustment at your company.

2. To escalate digital transformation

The second reason fits well for companies with non-IT business cores. This will work even better for firms with small or medium scales. To compete with existing business competitors or tap into the digital business, a group of top IT staffs are necessary. The HR company in Singapore won’t only provide the best candidates but also examine your needs in entering the digital business world.

The HR company will give consultancy services so that the journey will worth the money and the time. This is especially important for firms with plenty of technology work to get updated.

3. To fulfill a certain project target

Occasionally, your company wishes to hire IT candidates with specific roles and periods. With the project deadline is approaching, your firm doesn’t have enough time to select the candidates one by one. This is when the HR company in Singapore comes to the rescue. Ideally, the HR company will select the ones with the readiness to the project. Moreover, the HR firm will arrange about the salary range and other administrative tasks thus your company will focus on making strategies to meet the project goals.

4. To prepare steady generations of IT

As IT develops over time, all IT staffs have to update their skills. Sometimes, your company wishes to focus on hiring IT seniors or experts to prepare steady and top IT generations at the company. The senior candidates will be tasked with doing trainings so as all of the IT staffs at the company will grow better together. The HR company in Singapore will provide the staffs in question well. TOGI has the list of the senior IT staffs who will help making your company “an academy of IT staffs”.

5. To accelerate time to market phase

The last goal closely relates to the second one. Time to market refers to the period needed by a product team to complete various tasks while developing the product. It’s inevitable that the development phase will significantly require IT tools and IT experts. The lack of the two may cause slowing time to market phase thus hinder the plans to compete with the rivals.

You can consult your time to market plans with the HR company in Singapore. By adjusting to the specific goal, your company will gain the most appropriate human resources to achieve well-planned product development.

Two types of TOGI’s clients

TOGI is proud to have worked with two types of clients across many business lines. As an outsourcing firm, we provide services for clients in Singapore the same with those for our clients in Indonesia. As previously touched upon, our services include IT talent provision and contract management.

1. IT-based company

Our primary clients are those engaging in IT sector. By using our services, the clients are able to focus on their core businesses. We manage the contracts of the IT candidates, the salary negotiations, and other administrative duties.

2. Non-IT based company

The other top clients do businesses outside IT sector. For example, textile, culinary, and skincare. These types of companies may wish to open website-based business or mobile application. Companies engaging in manufacturing, on the other hand, plan to set up stable IT infrastructure from the scratch. For the different purposes, TOGI will answer differently.

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