A digital business transformation requires more than simply an online shop in Singapore. Choosing the best vendor IT Singapore will assist in comprehensive solutions, from IT strategy to digital strategy.

A vendor IT Singapore is getting critical at times when digitization is inevitable. It will facilitate companies, including a small one, to tap into opportunities provided by the digital era quickly.

Nowadays, IT vendors are abundant that will stand ready to help your businesses at various levels. However, you need to really understand your business need and budget before anything else. As that is completed, at least there are five factors that will help you picking the right one.

Five factors before working with an IT vendor Singapore

1. Digitization purposes

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You should clearly determine the digitization purposes whether they are partial or totality ones. A clear digitization goal will lead you deciding the required budget and technology type. Among partial digitization goal is creating a stable and complex app or a web-based online store. For this goal, a vendor IT Singapore will provide IT professionals that will perform the appropriate tasks, such as developers and UI/UX designers.

An entirety digitization goal covers instances, such as creating IT infrastructure network at the office up to digital marketing strategy provision. As the solutions, a vendor IT Singapore will recommend IT experts across fields up to give solutions related to the infrastructure network.

When selecting the IT vendor, ask for their service coverage, which may encompass your overall digitization needs or only part of them.

2. Budget

Conduct small research about typical price for the service required. If your company agrees with the price, start enlisting IT vendors that meet the budget. In addition to the budget, ask for the task durations, the system, and the after-sales services from the IT vendors. For example, for application making, ask in details about the working system used.

3. Type of technology

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Equip yourself with the latest news about technology. This will greatly help in asking would-be IT vendor about their technologies. You can ask for some sub-topics, such as feature, security, and physical infrastructure.

4. IT support

The fourth element is as important as the above ones. During or after project performance, problems, such as bug or down server, may occur. Ask for the potential IT vendors about their services on IT Support, such as helpdesk or on-site visit. If so, make clear about the payments.

5. Scalability

Scalability is among the scheme of the whole goals are stated in point 1. This refers to the ability of a system to enlarge its power to enable more optimal performance as the business develops. The bigger the business, the bigger the required budget.

This correlates with the addition of the data number, the computation, along with the IT infrastructure solidity of the company. Ask about the service scheme and the payment to the potential IT vendors if you wish to directly plan your future business.

TOG Indonesia is among the best IT solution providers in Indonesia

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